Manufacturing and packing

With a modern and automated production system, Tecpolpa is capable of producing 10 million unities/month, manufacturing and packing juices and beverages in asseptic carton packages with capacity of 200 and 330ml and 1L.

Great own brand companies trust and offer the manufacturing and packing process of beverages and juice lines to Tecpolpa due its technical capacity and modern facilities.

Focused in constant improvement of its processes and employees, Tecpolpa keeps groups in trainings, in management, and excellent production process programs, motivated for the constant seeking of high quality and safe products.

Our technic staff, highly qualified, assures a strict production control, in order to guarantee the security and the best deliveries.

A multidisciplinar staff, focused in topics related to food security, constantly seeking the improvement of its processes through strict controls, since the ingredients arrival up to the delivering of the finished products.

With constant investments in our process and technological improvement, Tecpolpa also has an efficient laboratory structure for physico-chemical and microbiological analysis.

So, Tecpolpa priority is to manufacture aliments and beverages with safety, guaranteed quality and constant improvement of all production processes and the goods, always focusing on the excellence and quality of everything we produce, in order to delight and fully meet our customers and consumers demands and needs.