TECPOLPA IND AND CO is a company which is specialized in manufacturing and packing juices and beverages in asseptic carton packages with capacity of 200 and 330ml and 1L.

Located in Dobrada, the countryside of São Paulo state, the company is placed in a privileged and strategic geographical location, with an easy acess and close to the regions which are the producers of the main fruits.

With a modern and automated production system, Tecpolpa is capable of producing 10 million unities/month, attending customers from all over Brazil while offering three different modalities:

  • Outsourcing;
  • Own Brand;
  • National Brand.

The company core is the Outsourcing/Co-Packer, manufacturing and packing tropical fruit juices, coconut water, functional beverages, teas, and cereal based beverages.
Tecpolpa also manufactures its own juice and distribute it to the whole Brazilian territory

Great own brand companies trust and offer the manufacturing and packing process of several juice lines and beverages to Tecpolpa due its technical capacity and modern facilities.

Tecpolpa has the APPCC – Hazard Analysis and Critical Points, FSSC (implementing) and IBD Organic Brazil certificates.